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Patent Portfolio Management, Monetization, and Transactions - Licensing, Pooling, and Other Transactions

Generate value through licensing, pooling, and other transactions

Leveraging patents, trade secrets, or portions of an IP portfolio can often generate revenue streams, open new markets, or shut down competitors. We have advised small entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 corporations in virtually every type of IP-related transaction. We have helped clients set up and run licensing programs that have generated significant revenue streams, and we have worked with clients to pool patents and deal with standards issues. Our legal and technical experience and our background in the business of exploiting technology and IP assets bring our clients a strategic advantage. IP transactions, often global in nature, require a business-savvy partner with legal insight and technical expertise.

Transactions may be simple licenses for income or complex strategic alliances providing product and market access to both parties. We can analyze the potential for generating royalty income from existing IP rights, then formulate and execute licensing programs to help you realize full revenue potential. We advise on everything in a transaction program ranging from the initial confidential evaluation agreement through management of the portfolio of executed IP agreements. As business relationships evolve, we assist in enforcing or amending obligations in those agreements.

Finnegan is a pioneer in the development of IP licensing. Our lawyers have played an instrumental role in the establishment and ongoing management of the Licensing Executives Society (LES), and continue to serve in leadership roles in LES (USA and Canada) and LESI (International). We are recognized authorities in IP transactions law and serve as adjunct professors and contributing authors to licensing and transactional publications.