Are you a student at one of the top law schools in the country? Are you in the top 25 percent of your law school class? Do you have an outstanding technical background in a hard science, engineering, or computer science, or significant experience in trademark/copyright matters? If so, we’d love to talk with you when we visit your campus. We are selective about whom we recruit. We have to be—especially if we want to retain our reputation as one of the top IP firms in the world. If you attend a law school where we conduct on-campus interviews, please apply through your career development office for an interview. Otherwise, please click on How to Apply.

2016 On-Campus Interview Schedule



April 30

Veterans Legal Career Fair

July 22
Southeastern Minority Job Fair

July 23

Bay Area Diversity Fair

July 26
Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair

July 27

Midwest-California Consortium Interview Program (DC)

August 1


August 2


August 3

National Law School Consortium (DC)

August 3

University of Pennsylvania

August 3

UC Hastings

August 4 & 5

Chicago Patent Law Interview Program

August 8

Georgetown University

August 8

Santa Clara

August 8

University of Virginia

August 9

Duke University

August 9

UNC at Chapel Hill

August 9

Georgia State

August 10

Arizona State

August 10

George Washington University

August 10

Harvard Law School

August 11

Boston College

August 11

George Mason University

August 11

University of Florida

August 12

Boston University

August 12

University of Maryland in DC

August 12

American University

August 15


August 15

University of Texas, Austin

August 16    


August 18

University of Georgia        

August 19    

University of Washington

August 22    

University of Alabama

August 22    


August 26    

Greater Philadelphia Area Law School Consortium (DC)