How is the firm organized?
The firm maintains a flexible, non-departmental structure that gives you the opportunity to practice in multiple, substantive legal areas (e.g., litigation, prosecution, counseling). You’ll be a member of a practice group based on your technical or legal background. One of the primary responsibilities of a practice group is to monitor the professional development of its members.

What type of work will I get?
The firm has a longstanding philosophy against "pigeonholing" lawyers into areas of practice. That means you’ll get to choose your own career goals and the paths you’ll take to achieve them.

What is the formal (and informal) billing requirement?
Our minimum billable requirement is 2,000 hours per year (including credit for pro bono contributions). There is no "informal" billing requirement for advancement toward partnership.

Does the firm give credit for pro bono work?
Yes, credit toward your billable goal is awarded for pro bono contributions.

Is there an advisor program?
When you join the firm, you are assigned a partner advisor and a peer advisor. Your partner advisor provides formal performance evaluations twice a year and counsels you regarding your professional development. Your peer advisor introduces you to others in the firm, answers your questions, and helps smooth your transition into the firm.

Does the firm offer alternative work arrangements?
You may find that personal responsibilities and interests necessitate requesting a work arrangement that reduces the amount of time devoted to practicing law. We do our best to provide opportunities for both men and women who request alternative work arrangements. Lawyers in alternative work arrangements are eligible for and continue to progress toward partnership.

What is the firm's dress code?
Our day-to-day dress is business casual in all of our offices. Occasionally, you may be required to wear a business suit or comparable formal professional attire.

What is the firm's diversity policy?
Finnegan values diversity and offers equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or status in any group protected by federal, state, or local law. Finnegan is a leader among intellectual property firms in the recruitment and retention of a diverse cadre of lawyers.

Does the firm have a good retention rate?
Our retention rate ranks among the highest for firms of our size.

What is the compensation schedule and under which circumstances are bonuses awarded?
Annual compensation for first-year lawyers is $160,000 plus bonuses. In addition, attorneys who are billing and otherwise performing beyond the firm’s expectations are eligible for productivity and discretionary merit bonuses.