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Top Honors for Finnegan in Intellectual Asset Management’s 2017 Patent 1000 Guide

Intellectual Asset Management
June 27, 2017

Related Professionals: DeCosta III Ph.D., Frank A., Ma, Gary C., Suh, Charles H., Tridico Ph.D., Anthony C., Wang, Ningling , Yoshida, Naoki , Cupitt Ph.D., Philip L., Arner, Erika Harmon, Diner, Bryan C., Dunner, Donald R., Hines, Doris Johnson, Brittingham IV, Smith R., Coyne, Patrick J., Ferrill, Elizabeth D., Irving, Thomas L., Jakes, J. Michael , Kacedon, D. Brian , Lipsey, Charles E., Masurovsky, Laura P., Fues, Eric J., Monroe, James B., Paul, John C., Carron, Virginia L., Taylor, Roger D., Pratt, William H., Sweet, Mark D., Thayer, Linda J., Stach, Jason E.

Award/Ranking;Press Release

June 27, 2017

Contact:    Mark D. Sweet, Managing Partner 

                   James B. Monroe, Chair 

Top Honors for Finnegan in Intellectual Asset Management's 2017 Patent 1000 Guide


WASHINGTON, DC—Finnegan and dozens of its attorneys are recognized as leading patent professionals by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine. The 2017 edition of Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals ranks Finnegan as a leading patent law firm in 14 U.S. and international categories. According to IAM, "…[Finnegan] is a formidable name with the ability to bring substantial resources to any patent litigation or patent office matter."

Of Finnegan’s offices located across the globe, the publication ranked the Washington, DC office as a leader in the DC Metro Area for Litigation, Prosecution, and Transactions; the Boston office is ranked in the same areas for Massachusetts; the Tokyo office is ranked as a leading firm in Japan for Litigation and Transactions; and the Taipei office is ranked as a leading firm in the same areas for Taiwan. The Atlanta office is listed as a leading firm in Georgia, and the Shanghai office is listed as a leading firm in China.

In addition to the geographic rankings, IAM recognized 28 Finnegan attorneys as leading patent practitioners for 2017. Five partners were also named to the IAM Strategy 300 list, which highlights individuals who “specialize in developing and rolling out world-class IP value creation programs.”

IAM Strategy 300

Frank A. DeCosta (resident in Washington, DC) 
Gary C. Ma (resident in Taipei) 
Charles H. Suh (resident in Seoul) 
Anthony C. Tridico (resident in London) 
Ningling Wang (resident in Shanghai)

IAM Patent 1000—Leading Patent Professionals

Ningling Wang (Prosecution and Transactions)

Philip L. Cupitt, Ph.D. (Prosecution)
Anthony C. Tridico, Ph.D. (Prosecution)

European Patent Office
Philip L. Cupitt, Ph.D.

Naoki Yoshida (Transactions)

Gary C. Ma (Litigation and Transactions)

United States

Erika Harmon Arner (Post-Grant Proceedings) 
Smith R. Brittingham IV (International Trade Commission)
Donald R. Dunner (Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)
Elizabeth D. Ferrill (Design Patents) 
Eric J. Fues (International Trade Commission) 
Thomas L. Irving (Post-Grant Proceedings)
J. Michael Jakes (Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)
Charles E. Lipsey (Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit)

Erik R. Puknys (Litigation)

DC Metro Area
Erika Harmon Arner (Prosecution)
Jeffrey A. Berkowitz (Litigation) 
Smith R. Brittingham IV (Litigation)
Patrick J. Coyne (Litigation)  
Bryan C. Diner (Litigation)
Donald R. Dunner (Luminary)
Elizabeth D. Ferrill (Transactions and Litigation) 
Eric J. Fues (Litigation) 
Doris Johnson Hines (Litigation) 
Thomas L. Irving (Prosecution) 
J. Michael Jakes (Litigation)
D. Brian Kacedon (Transactions and Litigation)
Charles E. Lipsey (Litigation) 
Laura P. Masurovsky (Litigation) 
James B. Monroe (Litigation)
John C. Paul (Transactions)
William H. Pratt (Transactions)
Mark D. Sweet (Prosecution) 

Virginia L. Carron (Litigation and Transactions) 
Roger D. Taylor (Litigation and Transactions)

Linda J. Thayer (Litigation)


About IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals
The IAM Patent 1000 is a standalone publication that identifies individual and firm expertise in all major areas of patent law and practice. Through an extensive research process conducted by a team of highly qualified, full-time analysts, the publication identifies the top patent practitioners, as well as leading patent law and attorney firms, in 48 of the world’s most important jurisdictions and 18 U.S. states.

About Finnegan
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP is one of the largest IP law firms in the world. From offices in Atlanta, Boston, London, Palo Alto, Reston, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, and Washington, DC, the firm practices all aspects of patenttrademarkcopyright, and trade secret law, including counselingprosecutionlicensing, and litigation. Finnegan also represents clients on IP issues related to European patents and trade marksinternational tradeportfolio management, the Internete-commerce, government contracts, antitrust, and unfair competition. For additional information on the firm, please visit Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.