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Finnegan Logo

This page is maintained by the Finnegan Marketing Department and serves as your source and usage guide for the Finnegan logo and other graphic assets. To obtain permission to use the Finnegan mark or to access a different file type, please contact the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer Terra Liddell. Send an Email

We have posted a logo format for use on the Internet and in print. You can download the logo by clicking on the image above.

The standards for use of the Finnegan logo are as follows:
  • Maintain the original proportions of the logo; do not stretch or condense the mark
  • Use only the original electronic file provided
  • Use only Finnegan green (PMS 363 [uncoated stock]; PMS364 [coated stock]; CMYK match: C=65, M=0, Y=100, K=42)
  • Use the logo as a visual only; never use the logo in place of text
  • Allow a clearance space around the logo equal to the height of the “I” in the mark
  • Make the logo legible; it should not be smaller than .25 inches/6.3 mm in height
  • Do not reverse the logo from a background color or use it in black unless you obtain permission from the Finnegan Marketing Department