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Patent Litigation - Pre-Trial Strategy

A full exploration of effective alternatives

When you retain Finnegan, our entire firm becomes part of your team. All of our expertise, our reputation, and our experience, both legal and technical, are brought to bear in deciding how to approach your case. We begin with frank and honest conversations, timely and judicious discovery, careful analysis of the potential risks and rewards, and a mapping of the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We listen carefully to better understand your business objectives, your options, your risk tolerance, and your ultimate goals. We then develop a team approach and strategy that best meets your needs.

We understand that the realities of litigation can be daunting, but we work with clients to find enterprising solutions that are both cost-effective and case-effective. Historically, fewer than four percent of district court patent cases ever go to trial. Thus, while we litigate with a potential trial or appeal in mind, our vision is to resolve each case successfully as soon and as economically as possible. This may mean pursuing litigation alternatives, such as licensing, mediation, or arbitration, or a companion proceeding before another court or administrative agency, such as the PTO or ITC. Or you may decide that settlement is the best resolution.

As a case proceeds, we can adjust our deployment of resources as needed. There are multiple ways to approach any given IP case. The most important factor is that we remain flexible and committed to your goals throughout.