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Webinar: Patent Practice in the Wake of In re Bilski

Finnegan-Hosted Event; Webinar; Speaking Engagement

February 19, 2009


Program run time is approximately 60 minutes.

The effects of the Federal Circuit's en banc decision in In re Bilski are being felt far beyond the realm of business method patents. Amid the uncertainty, what's a patent practitioner to do? This webinar will examine how the courts and PTO are struggling to apply the Bilski "machine-or-transformation" test. In particular, we will address:

Recent decisions from the Board of Patent Appeals applying the machine-or-transformation test
The impact of In re Bilski on life sciences and software
The Federal Circuit's lingering disagreement about the scope of section 101
Recent Federal Circuit cases including Classen v. Biogen IDEC and the revised In re Comiskey decision
USPTO practice after Bilski


Arner, Erika Harmon
Yoches, E. Robert

Downloadable Files:

Patent Practice in the Wake of In re Bilski