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Foundation in U.S. Biotech and Pharmaceutical Patents: Filing, Prosecution, Licensing and Litigation

Speaking Engagement

June 28-30, 2004

Zurich, Switzerland

IBC Global Conferences

IBC-Life Sciences is producing a three-day foundation course designed to bring participants up-to-date with current practice, guidelines, and expectations for U.S. Biotech and Pharmaceutical patents. Each day will focus on a different area of patent law. At the Filing Strategies session on Day 1, Dr. David Forman will present "Foreign Filing: When, Where, and Why File?" and "Filing a Particular PCT: Generating the Written Part." On Day 3, the Licensing and Litigation session, James Monroe will speak on "Analysis of the Full Risks Involved in Litigation," and "Assessment of Licensing vs Litigation Options Part I." The conference will be held at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland.