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The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Innovation Report 2013

December 2, 2013

Related Professionals: Burgy, Adriana L., Cyr Ph.D., Shana K., DeRoo, Pier D., Feng Ph.D., Li , Mouta-Bellum Ph.D., Carla , Roscetti, Jennifer H.


Finnegan is pleased to release The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Innovation Report 2013. The Report 2013 is a complimentary eBook for patent practitioners, entrepreneurs, business executives, venture capitalists, and inventors that benchmarks the patent activities of the U.S. chemical and pharmaceutical industries from 2006 to 2012.

The Report 2013 includes:

  • Litigation trends by technology, issues on appeal, and jurisdiction
  • Analyses of final decisions from U.S. district courts and appellate courts
  • Evolution of certain claim terms across technologies
  • Concise summaries of changes under the America Invents Act (“AIA”)
  • Detailed patent-filing trends for the top fifteen chemical and pharmaceutical companies on the 2012 Fortune 500 list
  • Categorized listing of Federal Circuit decisions from 2006 to 2012

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Innovation Report 2013 eBook details the chemical and pharmaceutical industries’ patent activities in five sections:

1. Patenting and Application Publication Trends
Examines patent applications and patents granted in the past decade to uncover rising industry activities and tendencies in claim terms, and highlights trends at top chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

2. District Court Litigation Trends
Looks at U.S. district court decisions reached in chemical and pharmaceutical patent cases from 2002 to 2012, compares them to final decisions in other industries, and details those cases by trial type, win rates, and popular jurisdictions. The Report 2013 also compiles statistics for Abbreviated New Drug Application (“ANDA”) cases.

3. Appellate Litigation Trends
Analyzes chemical and pharmaceutical patent decisions at the Federal Circuit from 2010 to 2012, identifies affirmance rates, and details those cases by tribunal and issue.

4. The America Invents Act
Summarizes key considerations for provisions of the historic America Invents Act (“AIA”) that went into effect in March 2013, including first-inventor-to-file and post-grant proceedings.

5. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Federal Circuit Cases from 2006 to 2012
Categorizes chemical and pharmaceutical Federal Circuit decisions from 2006 to 2012, outlining key details in quick-reference charts; also provides case summaries of the most significant chemical and pharmaceutical decisions. The categorization and case summaries highlight not only the type of issue litigated, but also provide insight into the interpretation and application of the patent laws.

Download a complimentary copy of The Report 2013 eBook using the form to the right. We welcome your comments and inquiries.

For a brief overview of the latest trends and findings in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological industries, listen to this preview podcast from eBook editor Adriana L. Burgy.

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