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Podcast: Mark Sommers on 'Linsanity' and Lessons in Branding in the 21st Century

Sommers, Mark

Social networks such and Twitter and Facebook and 24/7 news coverage have made it easier than ever for someone to turn into an overnight sensation. A good example is Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks.  After a succession of dazzling performances, ‘Linsanity’ erupted around Lin’s exceptional play, catapulting him from his brother’s couch to global superstardom in a matter of days. However, Lin’s quick ascent has been problematic for him from an intellectual property perspective, and presents a new facet to his remarkable story. In this podcast, Finnegan partner Mark Sommers discusses the trademark challenges Lin is facing, the options Lin has to address the situation and move forward, and key lessons to be learned from Lin’s experience.